Character Creation

So you want to make a fresh blood vampire huh? No fresh blood isn’t some new kind of clan or anything like that, it’s a new term I made up for a fledgling vampire. Same thing really, this one however sounds better as a campaign title than “Fledglings”. Anyway, so here are the rules. We’re going to use a nearly standard method of character creation as the normal Vampire the Masquerade rules are concerned. However I want you to make a human. Figure out all of his human related skills, attributes, talents, and so on. You are only a human until I say otherwise. Alright? Finish everything on your character sheet as normal except for the final stuff like backgrounds, humanity, and that stuff. When you get to backgrounds you’re going to have 5 points to spend and the following backgrounds are not available: Generation past rank 3, Herd, Haven, Mentor, or Retainers. Then after that is decided, pick your clan, for this you only have access to the usual 7 members of the Camarilla. You then get 3 points to spend on your starting clan disciplines, spend them as you wish. Then spend your freebie points. You cannot, however, spend those freebie points on your disciplines. Remember, this is character creation, and you were literally just created into a new you. Also, some of those freebie points can go towards the merits and flaws listed in the back of the book assuming they are accepted by me on a per character basis.

Remember that this is nearly identical to making your character using the book so you can of course follow along there instead. Just remember the few changes I used. Here are the easy to follow steps;

Step 1 is your concept: Who are you and what clan would you fit into? Keep in mind that only the Camarilla clans are being used for player characters. Also you should choose your nature and demeanor at this point. Keep in mind that if you feel at any time that your nature or demeanor should be different during the game then please let me know. It’s very understandable that a super happy nice guy could suddenly become bitter and angry after he’s been changed, against his will, into a supernatural cursed outcast. Or vice versa of course!

Step 2 is choosing your attributes: This is made as usual, using the normal priority system: Choosing either the physical, mental, or social categories and assigning to them either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd priority, then giving them the proper amount of stat points as usual. 7, 5, and 3.

Step 3 is selecting your abilities: Just like step two, you are going to prioritize the three categories. Talents, skills, and knowledges. Then assign the proper amount of points. 13, 9, and 5. Keep in mind that none of these can be raised above rank 3 without using your freebie points assigned to you later on. And remember, you’re a mortal! I have a very very very hard time believing that any mortal in today’s society has a melee skill of 3 or more. So you better have a darn good explanation for it.

Step 4 are your advantages: Choose your disciplines and assign those 3 points. As well as your choosing the 5 points you have for backgrounds. But do remember the restrictions. And finally, assign the 7 points you have to your virtues.

Step 5 are the finishing touches: Calculate your humanity, willpower, and maximum blood pool scores and spend your freebie points. Remember once again that you cannot use these to raise your disciplines at this point. Also, there is a section near the end of the vampire book that contains merits and flaws. These are allowable through use of freebie points assuming that I agree on them and that they make sense for your character. This includes things that may be supernatural based in nature, for example the ability to still eat food, even though you’re a vampire. That could qualify as allowable even though it’s obviously supernatural, at least for a vampire, in nature.

Character Creation

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