Nines Rodriguez

Nines is a stand up guy. If anyone were to be the "leader" of the Anarchs in LA, it'd be him.


Clan: Brujah
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Actual Age: Approximately 100
Allegiance: Anarch
Rank: Freedom Fighter, “leader” of the LA Anarchs


Nines is the local “leader” of the Anarchs movement in LA. As a principal the organization has no place for leaders, everyone is equal. But Nines is a stand up guy and the other Anarchs look to him for guidance. Nines was raised during the great depression, which has turned his Brujah passion into open rebellion against the “man” in charge. He always tries his best to stick up for the little guy. In fact, the Anarchs all agree that if Nines hadn’t said anything in that court room, then the fresh bloods would have been killed right then and there.

Nines Rodriguez

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